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CapeSecure install burglar bars in Cape Town

Do you need your home to be more secure? Protect your family by having tried and tested Xpanda burglar bars on all your windows. CapeSecure service the entire Mother City.


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Customising burglar guards, fighting crime since 1974.

CapeSecure-Retractable-X-Door-Burgular-Guards BURGLAR BARS

Supaguard burglar bars

Supaguard is our most popular option, fixed with tamper proof fasteners on all four sides. A patented "boot" allows for flexibility in the burglar guard when force is applied. It consists of a 12mm solid square bar fixed into the backward on all four sides with a patented boot system.

CapeSecure-X-Guard-burglar-bars BURGLAR BARS

X-Guard burglar bars

X-Guard comes in a DIY kit or can be custom made for your security requirements. This product works well in conjunction with Alu Glide in that it offers uniformity from an aesthetics point of view as the design is similar. Ideal for windows up to 2m high.

Cape-Secure-Clear-vision_Xpanda-Real-Security BURGLAR BARS

Clear Vision Guards

Clear Vision guards are a transparent burglar guard, constructed from polycarbonate sheets with a special UV protection. They are impact resistant, virtually unbreakable, offering as much protection as standard steel burglar bars. Clear Vision guards are suitable for both wood and aluminium windows.

CapeSecure, distributing burglar guard designs in the Mother City

Choose from a range of burglar bar designs that are available on request. Xpanda  offer the widest and most comprehensive range of deterrent barrier security products and CapeSecure are the sole suppliers for the Cape Peninsula.  

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