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Security gates Wynberg

CapeSecure is a South African owned and security products company servicing the Wynberg suburb of Cape Town. CapeSecure offers fast and effective installation of security gates and door suited to your property. With over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, Xpanda products have chosen CapeSecure as sole distributers of their security products in the Cape Town area, including Wynberg. Combined hands-on practical experience, our team comprises of highly qualified distributers and installers, offering top-level industry expertise to secure your property. We are the leading industry experts in providing security solutions to eradicate unwanted intruders –
  • Custom-made DIY Security Gates designed for outdoor applications
  • Wrought Iron Security Gates designed for an outdoor application
  • Custom made security gates to best fit opening
  • Finished to SABC specifications
  • Internationally tested and certified for product strength

Burglar bars we can install in Wynberg

It is often difficult for property owners to decide which burglar bars are best to use. When buying or selling a property, it is advantageous to work with a team of trained professionals who are able to understand the security options needed in terms of securing the windows. Our burglar bars are Xpanda products, which are the best –
  • Supa guard burglar bars - Supaguard is our most popular option, fixed with tamper proof fasteners on all four sides
  • X-guard burglar bars– Ideal for windows up to 2m high. Comes in a DIY kit or custom made
  • Clear Vision burglar guards are suitable for both wood and aluminium windows and are impact resistant.

Wynberg security options & installation services

We know that when insecure your family is vulnerable and a breaking could be costly to a property and and emotionally traumatic. CapeSecure are a reliable security solutions provider when it comes to security gates, trellis doors and burglar bars. CapeSecure provides a full range of security products to secure rooms on your property or business. Our installation services are professional and local, specific to your home or business security needs. Some of our other products include –
  • Xpandor trellis door comprises of several market leading features, such as a double slam lock and tamper proof handles
  • Xpandor + is the ideal solution for protecting verandah doors
  • Panoramic RSD – Designed to fit any application including low headroom areas
  • Roller Grilles RSD – Extensively used by the commercial sector
xpandor-security-door-wynberg-cape-town Wynberg

Number 1 Security door distributer near Wynberg

Here are only 4 great reasons why you should choose to work with us –

  • Unbeatable service and communication
  • Your security is our priority,
  • We are are sole distributers of Xpanda in Cape Town
  • Professional and fast installations

Trusted professionals

At CapeSecure we are committed to providing services that are both secure and an impediment to intruders right across Wynberg. We provide a range of commercial and residential security solutions for homes, offices, businesses and industry. CapeSecure has become Wynbergs’s most dependable and trustworthy company within the security gate industry because we understand the importance of effective security gates and efficient customer service. We welcome your call and look forward to helping you.
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